Cincinnati Reds Photos

Reds at Astros (7/28/08)

Reds Game 001.jpg (263108 bytes)

Jay Bruce chumming it up with his hometown friends.

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The Next Big Thing coming over to visit a few more friends, and to give my daughter an autograph.

Reds Game 005.jpg (255675 bytes)

Edwin warming up.

We just got his autograph a few minutes earlier.

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My Reds die-hard in the making.

Reds Game 009.jpg (860224 bytes)

Ross getting loose.  Really nice guy, easy to converse with.

Reds Game 012.jpg (904870 bytes)

Just a damned nice place to watch a game.

Reds Game 002.jpg (241323 bytes)

Bronson and a few others getting loose.

Reds Game 020.jpg (911476 bytes)

The view from our seats.

Reds Game 021.jpg (906183 bytes)

Probably my last time to ever see the future hall of famer in person.  It's been a joy to watch.